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The Hinterlands, Circa 1999.

Got me a file of quotes and now I will put them down here from Z to A "When I meet a man I ask myself, 'Is this the man I want my children to spend their weekends with?'"
-Rita Rudner

Delve deep in the archive

In the age of the internet before myspace/facebook/twitter/blogspots existed came this site! It still doesn't exist with much on it aside from this journal (it's like a small town, it has charm). But until I get something published this will remain as it is, in all of it's glory. One day, this very site, the marvel that you are gazing upon this very moment, will be under construction. But for now let's pretend that it is under construction, oh imagine the possibilities...

Want to be a Space Case?!

Well too bad, you can't, Greg stopped doing this years ago but you can still look at it. This was before the age of photoshop, considering what he was working with, this is still pretty good.

Habari gani? (What's the news?)

Join Erin, the chief resident of this site as she goes through life--the ups, downs, and spirals while she breaks down anything she can get her hands on and a lot of things she can't to bring you the best sci-fi book series that you demand out of her (Not that I'm calling you demanding--you're just passionate--I know). Will she finally rip it out of her brain in a coherent piece? Stay tuned to find out. Bring it, for it has been brought.


Coming soon (eventually, maybe, never): *big flashing lights*
-About Fox (me better known as Erin, Fox if you want to be cheeky)! I could actually make this now but it would be another page I could ignore.
-New suave background image things with the occasional illustration/graphic thing with actual flashing lights (like the Price is Right!)
-And more useless, if not right out pointless things (yes I do have a PhD in pointless things and I look really smart and suave in a lab coat, rarrrr!)

You want to talk to me? Well, here ya go!
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